Zebra Stripes Stretchers

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Acrylic jewelry is light weight and great for healed piercings *only*. Acrylic should not be used in new or unhealed piercings. It should also not be used in newly stretched piercings.

How To Properly Use Stretchers/Tapers To Stretch Your Piercings

Before we begin the process let's discuss what you should not do. Of course these are only safety pro-cations and suggestions, what you do at home is your own decision.

Use a Stretcher or a Taper to stretch your ears. Don't use a double flair, single flair, pinchers, claws or a non-flair plug, a basic ear plugs. Also NEVER skip sizes. This can result in uneven stretching or tearing.

Use steel, titanium, or glass jewelry in your piercing after the fresh stretch while it heals. Acrylic and Organic jewelry is not recommend during the healing process.

  1. Soak your piercing in warm water (or take a shower) to help relax and soften the tissue right before you stretch.
  2. Get some lubricant, Vaseline can work fine but we recommend an ear stretching balm, you can get that here. Apply the lubricant and spin the tip of the taper 1/3 into the lubricant and remove any excess. Of-course you don't want too much excess lubricant on your hands and jewelry causing it to slip. For a more alternative organic approach you can also use jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, or emu oils.
  3. Take a deep breath and put the small end of the taper first, pushing the taper forward until the larger end. At this point you're done stretching and you are ready to insert your jewelry. Don't get too excited yet you a couple more steps!
  4. Line up your plug to the end and slowly use the plug as a way to push the rest of the taper out. This way you have a clean stretch from the taper to the plug.
  5. You're DONE. Congrats! Keep your hand away from your ears and clean them 1x a day with antibacterial soap or antimicrobial soap.

How To Clean Your Zebra Stripes Stretchers

  • Simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water
  • DO NOT clean with alcohol or other harsh chemicals as it will ruin the jewelry
  • Be careful with your acrylic balls! If you try to thread them down too far the threads can strip.
  • Acrylic is very fragile and brittle and will shatter under stress
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat as it can warp