Wood Fake Plugs With Black O Ring

Wood Type


How To Clean Your Wood Fake Plugs With Black O Ring

How to clean the surgical steel barbell

  • Simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water before inserting into your piercing
  • No need to use alcohol or harsh cleansers on your jewelry

Wood Aftercare

  • Keep your wood jewelry oiled to keep in good condition, and from cracking. You can use jajoba oil, coconut oil, or any other natural plant oil.
  • Try not to get wood jewelry wet (shower, swimming, etc) for extended amounts of time. Best thing to do is just take it out during these activities and then put it back in afterwards.
  • From time to time you should wipe your plugs down with a damp wash cloth. Pat them dry, and re-oil them before wearing them.
  • Avoid leaving your wood jewelry in direct sunlight.