White Double Flare Silicone Plugs (Above 1″ Inch)

Above 1" Inch


Silicone plugs are a great alternative to regular standard plugs thanks to their lightweight, comfort, flexibility and softness.

Silicone Plugs are a great form of light-weight and flexible plugs to be worn for stretched ears of all sizes. Many people use Silicone Plugs as a form to stretching their ear in a more slower process thanks to its flexibility. Other uses can be for profressional sites where people need to hide their earrings with a skin toned Silicone Plugs. In any case Silicone Plugs are a great alternative compared to other plugs.

How To Clean Your Clear Your White Double Flare Silicone Plugs (Above 1″ Inch)

  • Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water before inserting into your piercing.
  • Use lubricant before inserting or removing silicone eyelets/plugs. This will help reduce chance of tearing.
  • Never soak in or use harsh chemicals such as alcohol.
  • Silicone is not recommended to stretch your piercing. It has been done successfully, but not in all cases. If you want to take the chance and go for it, that's fine. Just be aware that your body could BADLY react to it.

Black Double Flare Silicone Plugs (Above 1″ Inch)