Antimicrobial Soap Provon Piercing Aftercare 4oz

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 How to use Antimicrobial Soap for your external piercings.

Step 1. Wash your hands
Step 2. Put a drop of soap into the palm of your hand
Step 3. Grab a clean, new Q-Tip and run it under warm water
Step 4. Mix/Lather the Q-Tip with the soap thats in the palm of your hand for about 10-15 seconds
Step 5. Gently clean the inside, outside and around your piercing(s)
Step 6. Gently rinse off all the soap thoroughly with water
Step 7. Dry the area with a clean paper towel. (DO NOT use a cotton towel,it can get caught onto your piercings).

Antimicrobial soap is great to use for any external piercings. We asked some of our close friends who are doctor’s and surgeons what is the benefit of using this particular soap for your piercings? They responded and said the soap cleans out a huge majority of the bacteria in the wound and applies a thin layer or protection, which they say is highly important for your piercing to heal properly and block out any external bacteria from entering. We agree because we have been recommending this soap for the past 15 years in our body piercing facilities.

Antimicrobial Soap for Piercings

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Antimicrobial Soap Provon Piercing Aftercare 4oz