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Professional Ear Stylist Judges BTS Members Ear Piercings

April 02, 2020 3 min read


Are you a fan of BTS? Well then, have a seat and get ready for our professional ear stylist to judge their piercings.


On V’s left ear he has a stacked lobe which is slowly becoming more and more popular. Following the stacked lobe, he has a second ear lobe piercing. This look here, makes it look as if the piercings are forming a triangle on his ear lobe.Our piercer has performed many of those piercings and it's most likely because V is starting the trend himself. The style of V’s jewelry is very artistic/artsy. Overall, it looks like he has a total of five piercings, three on his left lobe and two on his right.



Jimin has a total of five piercings. From what is shown in the picture above it looks like he likes the hoops with pendants that sway. We also noticed that he has a helix piercing but it is sitting at a slight angle. Maybe he may have forgotten to properly down size?... or that is just how he wanted it to be pierced? The world will never know the truth. So far it seems like he is the only one that has a helix piercing. I would say his overall style is similar to V’s.



Suga has a unique style when it comes to his jewelry and piercings. On his right ear he has two ear lobe piercings and two helix piercings to sort of balance it out overall. His left ear has three ear lobe piercings, and as for the jewelry it seems like he has three hoops but two of them have pendants that sway as well. Suga’s style is industrial with a hint of goth and metal. From the looks of it Suga has the most piercings out of everyone so far. Based on the photos it looks like he has about 5-7 piercings.


Less is sometimes more, Jin looks like he has the least amount of piercings. He has his first and third ear lobe piercing and for jewelry he has two thick huggies. Personally we would recommend piercing the seconds on the ear lobe to fill up that space but who knows maybe he did it on purpose. He is probably trying to start some sort of trend, or trying to make people question and talk about why he chose to be pierced like that. He definitely has our attention because we’re wondering why he decided to leave that space empty. If he would like to stand out even more especially from his band mates he can either stay with the look he has or go for more since he has the room to do so.


RM has that classic look with a pair of huggies. He seems to have a classic/simple style. It’s a good everyday look, but since he doesn’t have much going on there’s nothing else to judge so lets move onto the next band mate.


If our research is correct he doesn’t have any piercings. Even though he doesn’t have any piercings J-Hope doesn’t let that stop him from stylin his ears. Seems like he uses ear cuffs to style those ears up. Based on all the research we did he might not have the piercings but he’s definitely doing some very unique stuff with it. This here proves that you can style your ears without having to go through that pain of getting them pierced.


We thought that Suga had the most piercings, well we thought wrong. Looks like Jungkook has the most piercings with a total of 9. Our man said “I'm going to stand out and go all out with these piercings”. He has a triple lobe, four right ear lobe piercings, and a double helix. He took everyone in the group and placed all their piercings on his ear. Based on all the photos we’ve seen he has the option to do the most when it comes to styling.  For his style he keeps both ears with different looks so he definitely doesn’t like keeping things uniform, which isn’t a bad thing. He just has a very unique style. 

After having our professional ear stylist judge BTS members ear piercings. Comment down below what you would rank these piercings from favorite to least favorite. 

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